Spiritual law #1:  The Law of Self-Responsibility….so what’s next?  Growing a Witness….

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The Law of Self Responsibility and …the fear factor

Hello all my lovely readers and followers, and welcome to anyone new who has bumped into my new Blog.  I hope you find this reading to be engaging, inspiring, and exciting….because I feel that way writing it.

A Brief Review:  Spiritual Law and Its Importance:

As I explained in the previous “blog”, Spiritual Law is the impersonal part of God/the Divine, and it holds the Universe together.  And that’s really a good thing, because without it, the Universe would just devolve into chaos.

So by understanding and following Spiritual law in your life, you are making a commitment to be part of the Great Plan of Salvation.  That means that you are committing to following the Laws, and to transforming your life for the better…both for your own personal good, but also for the good of the Universe.  The idea here is this:  if everyone on the earth plane were to follow Spiritual Law in their lives, they would eventually find their way back to the Unitive sphere, the  sphere of the Divine, and somewhere in our heart of hearts, we all long for that.

We have a memory embedded deep within our hearts of what the Unitive state/sphere felt like….we like to call it “heaven”…and we are all craving it, but many times don’t even know that that is what we are searching for.  So Spiritual Law is your ticket Home…back to the Divine world of Unity and God.  And there are three Laws that will really get you started on this journey (which are part of my 3-part series of workshop, see flyer at http://www.phaildelphiapathwork.org):

  • The Law of Self-Responsibility…you are the Creator of your Life
  • The Law of Cause and Effect;  and finally…
  • The Law of Spiritual Justice (I will write about these last 2 laws in upcoming blogs.)

Spiritual Law #1:  Self-Responsibility AND the fear factor:

Let me share a personal story that literally just showed up as I was writing this:

  • I am cleaning up the kitchen, and I notice that the lid to my stainless steel trash can is really a mess.  Someone spilled a lot of gunk on it, and never cleaned it up.  Now my trash can is important to me (LOL)…it cost a fair amount of money and I really like it a lot. So for two days now I have been staring at the lid with all the gunk on it.  Why don’t I just get some cleaner and wipe it up, I ask myself?
    • My mind is wandering now.  I am getting a bit emotional.  Who is gunking up the trash can and not cleaning it up?  Well, there is no one in the house but me and my partner…..sooooo…..
    • Of course!!! It must be him.  He must have spilled stuff on the counter, and then it fell onto the lid, and of course, he never cleans up after himself, right?
    • Then I catch myself…again and again I have to catch myself.  I would rather blame my partner than just clean it up, or just realize that perhaps in some of my more frantic and unconscious cooking, I spilled the gunk?  So much easier to make it about someone else, eh?  (Please understand that when I am NOT in the blaming mood, I can ASK my partner if he remembers spilling something here….but NOT while I am still in the blaming mood.)
    • So think about it.  For two days every time I walked into the kitchen and saw the lid to the trash can, my uncontrolled mind began ruminating about who did this….
    • Finally, probably because I was in the middle of writing this, I realized how silly I was being, as well as NOT being self-responsible to the possibility that perhaps the chief cook and bottle washer (me!) who spends more time in the kitchen than my partner…well, could I have done this?  The thought just didn’t want to cross my mind,
    • In other words, it is so much easier to blame someone else for whatever is transpiring in our world….

The Fear Factor:

So what are the hurdles that we have to jump over in order to fully commit to a life of full Self-Responsibility, for both the positive events, as well as the negative events? The story I just wrote is true, and it happens every day…we are terrified to admit our imperfections, our negativities, our faults.  And so if something occurs, like my trash can lid, is it easier to trash someone else (a bad pun, but whatever!!) then to trash ourselves?  You betcha!!

Well, the truth is we really don’t want to trash ourselves, or our loved ones.  We just want to be in truth…we want to admit our faults and weaknesses and take responsibility for our lives day-to-day.  We want to stay conscious enough during the course of the day to notice if we are awake, and responsible, or asleep and blaming.  Because if you are in blame (and judgment) you are asleep at the wheel of your life!!!

So fear is the biggest and most difficult hurdle.  (It is linked to two other main faults, pride and self will and they all work together to keep us unconscious and not in self-responsibility.)  We are fearful of many things.  But the biggest thing we are afraid of if we accept our negative creations as ours, is this:

I believe that I am bad.  If I am creating things in a negative and hurtful way, that must mean that I am ALL BAD.  If I am not perfect, the perfect wife/husband, woman/man, or the perfect human being, then there must be something wrong with me.  I am flawed, I am broken.  So I better not show any of my imperfections or faults, and instead I can pretend that I am something that I am not. Perfect and faultless.  Therefore, if something negative is going on? Let’s look around and find out who is doing that, whom to blame, because it isn’t me!!

So here we go folks.  Here is the punch line to my story from above.  I most likely trashed my trash can!!  Yup…there is a good possibility that I did it, when I was not aware, and basically asleep at the wheel.  And by taking responsibility for it, and not blaming my partner, I feel something shifts inside.  I become more whole, not less whole.  I become more human.  I accept myself and my own sloppiness that occurs sometimes…and of course, I would like to shift it, but some days I can, and some days I can’t.  That’s my own split self I have to deal with.  I am not perfect, and will probably not be perfect as long as I am wearing this human body.  And it’s all OK.

So, self-responsibility can become a tool for enlightenment, and for empowerment…a tool for opening up to the whole self, the good, the bad, and the ugly I like to say.  And that tool can be healing. It can be refreshing to say: ” Look at what I did in a moment of unconsciousness.  Wow, where was I?  I must have been out to lunch, but I am back now.  And I can learn and grow from this.  And I want to learn and grow.”

So, let me do it once more, look at how I am creating both my positive life, as well as my negative and more problematic life.  And it’s all good.  I can relax and stop trying to be perfect and holy and good.  I can just be real and compassionate and accepting of myself.  And the more I can accept myself?  The more I can also accept others.

Finally, once I link this Spiritual Law to the other two listed above?  What dynamic tools you will have to create your life.  I promise you that.  I will begin that process in a few weeks.

Hope you are enjoying my ramblings….and next week, we will operationalize this process….how to track this spiritual Law day-to-day.  Until then, Namaste…..


Why is Spiritual Law #1, The Law of Self Responsibility ( OR You create your Reality)…so important?



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To all who are reading this…..thank you!

You have found your way to my new BLOG, which I am very excited about.  So bear with me as I begin to use this new tool.

Today I want to share with you my passion about Spiritual Law, and how it works,  I am hoping in doing that, you will understand why it is so important for your spiritual growth, and your commitment to your life…and to making your life the best it can possibly be.

Here’s the scoop…First and foremost, Spiritual Law is a version of God, or the Almighty Being, the Supreme Being, in the impersonal.  So… we live in a the world of duality…the earth plane or sphere is a dualistic sphere.  That means that everything is split here…night and day, black and white, etc.  And so is our version of God…or the Supreme Being.  There is the personal version, which we find internally in the world of feeling and love and bliss; and there is the impersonal version…which is Spiritual Law.

Now, there are 3 main Spiritual Laws that hold the earth sphere together….yes, I really mean that.  These Spiritual Laws hold the earth in place!!  And once you truly understand them, you are ready to interact with them and begin your own experience with the impersonal God…because although He/She is impersonal, you will begin to sense Him/Her at work, in a beautiful, and comforting way.

And….most importantly, once you decide to first become aware of, and then to follow these Laws, you change your life dramatically.  You are no longer a helpless victim (child) who doesn’t know how or why you created what you created, but rather you become a more consensual adult, participating in creation in a positive way.

So…the first spiritual law we need to grapple with is the Law of Self-Responsibility.  What this Law says is that you are the Creator of your Reality!! Yes….you take responsibility for the whole enchilada…your entire life is your creation.

So stop for a second…and take a breath. Yes….this is what I am saying.  If you choose to grapple with this law, and to understand it, and to step into it with positive intention…..you are the Creator of your life and everything that has transpired since you were born.

Now…that is a mouthful…I understand that.  But with stepping into this law, and fully engaging with it, comes great power.  Anytime you take responsibility, power is part of the result…because there is no personal power without self-responsibility. Otherwise,  you remain a helpless child….and a helpless child has no power, right?

So we choose, as an adult who wants to grow to their greatest potential, to take responsibility for all of our creations…and here’s the rub, and the piece of work I am recommending for whomever is reading this.  This is a great step ( which we will explore in depth in my upcoming June 23 all day workshop…contact me at carolday3@verizon.net for more info)…..If you are truly going to take full self- responsibility for your life, you are taking ownership of both your positive and your NEGATIVE creations!!  That’s right….this is the world of duality…and in this world, we create both in the positive and the negative.  The rub is….we don’t like to take responsibility for our negative creations…there is always someone else who did it to us (that’s called blame btw!!)

Here are some examples to help you prime your own pump of excuses:

  • It’s because I wasn’t raised properly…so my parents did this to me. (I particularly love this one when the parents have been dead for a long time and we are still wanting to blame them!!)
  • Oh it’s my husband, my wife, my partner, my girlfriend/boyfriend who did this to me.
  • Oh…I had a lousy education and the teachers did it to me.
  • Oh….this country really stinks and there are no real opportunities here…it’s just survival of the fittest so let’s blame the country….whatever.
  • Oh…..finally….of course!! The devil made me do it!!!!!

So this is the challenge and what I am advising you to look at.  Make a list of your life’s accomplishments….what are you most proud of?  There are some things, right?  There are lovely positive creations here and there, for some of you many, others just a few?  But there are some lovely positive creations.  (Since this is the world of both the positive and the negative creations, everyone has something positive, even if they are so hard on themselves that don’t want to see it, right?)  So write them down.

Next…how about the negative creations?  Write down all the nasties, the difficult and painful times, the things you really want to forget and/or blame someone else.  Can you write them down, and then with compassion, write next to them…  “I created this too.  Maybe I don’t know how….yet.  But I want to see this.  I really and truly want to get to know myself better and know how and why I created these various negative parts of my life and caused myself such pain.  What was I doing and why?  I ask my Higher Self to help me see how I created these painful events.”

I like to call this finding the man/woman behind the curtain, someone kind of like the Wizard of Oz, doing all these manipulations that have consequences in our lives, but in secret.   In Pathwork terms, that means finding your own negativity….your own lower self, the part of you that is creating quietly, in the background, with negative intent….and for some of us, we don’t want to see, or pretend that it isn’t there.  Can we slow this down and just own that we create the negative in our lives as well?  That is the first step to true spiritual adulthood!!!

And that is where we begin the journey…and why self-responsibility is such a key.  Without truly looking at your life from both the winning, and the losing…and taking responsibility for both sides?  You are still not a spiritual adult…and a part of you wants to remain the child….

I will continue this journey with you next week with more about Self Responsibility.  In the meantime, check out my flyer which is posted on www.philadelphiapathwork.org under “events”.

Thanks for reading, and for following.  Namaste.